Basic Services:

Gentle Shampooing
Ear Cleaning
Cut Nails
Gland Expression
Basic Cut of Face, Stomach, Private Area & Paws Followed by Signature Perfume, Bandana or Bow.

Full Service:

Gentle Shampooing
Ear Cleaning
Cut Nails
Gland Expression
Full Service Hair Cut includes: Cut and Style, Specific Dog Breed Style or Customer desire cut Followed by Signature Perfume, Bandana or Bow.

Walk-In Services:

Cut Nails
Gland Expression
Teeth Cleaning
Ear Cleaning
Face, Paw and Private Area Trim
Teeth Cleaning
Paw Balm
Why & When Grooming is Needed:
To keep your dog in optimal health grooming is needed to prevent health issues. Prevention is the first step to a happy healthy dog. It is our goal to keep your furry baby in his/hers optimal health.

*Gland Expression

You should bring your dog in for a gland expression if you notice that your dog has a bad smell in the rear area, excessive licking in area, scooting across floor, redness or swelling. Impacted anal sacs are not only uncomfortable for your dog but if ignored they might become infected which may lead to an abscessed/infection or even surgery. Having a healthy diet helps prevents these kinds of problems. Please consult with one of our representative to go over your pets dietary needs.

*Long Nails

No only aesthetic but when your dog has long nails they can loss traction and fall, cause deformed feet and they can injure their tendons over an extended period of time. Long nails can tear and split, which is very painful for your pet. Lets keep your dog healthy one step at a time.

*Tear Stains

Tear stains should be cared for to avoid fungus and bacteria that may cause an eye infection in your dog. Tear stains can also be a sign of a eye problem and your dog should see a veterinarian. Keeping the eye area clean and dry, hair short as possible around the eyes and nose can help your dog stay healthy.

*Tangle/Matted Fur

Tangles or Matted fur in your dog can cut off air flow in your dog’s hair which can trap moisture allowing fungus and bacteria to grow. Trapped moisture can cause irritation and sores on your dog that can be very painful even a mild matted fur can be very painful and can even cause a hematoma due to the lack of circulation to your dog’s skin. Keeping your dog welled groomed can avoid these skin issues.

Grooming Day

*Check-In with our front desk coordinator.
*Your beloved pet will have a general check-up to make sure that there is no external abnormalities.
Grooming starts with: cleaning of their ears followed by nails trimmed/cut.
Brushing and Detangling Matted or Tangled Fur: Every pet fur has different needs which requires special care. This service starts with brushing the fur, detangling or shaving fur. Our experienced staff/technician will consult with you about your pet during the general check-up.
Bath: Not every coat is the same so every pet will have his or her own unique shampoo that will care for his or her skin and coat’s needs for a fuller and healthy looking coat. Your pet will be in heaven as he gets pampered with a gentle message to remove dirt and oil built-up leaving his/ her coat soft, shinny and healthy. During the shampooing process the glands are expressed.
Blow-Dry: The drying process for each pet is individualized to ensure the pet’s comfort and safety.
Basic or Full Hair Cut: Your pet will have a basic cut or a full service hair cut at this time according to service chosen. Basic cut will include trimming of face, private area, stomach & paws. Full service includes basic cut plus their personalized breed hair cut or customer request.
Perfume, Bandana or Bow: The final touch for the perfect grooming, choose between a bandana or bow followed by the Pet House & Pet Hotel Signature Perfume. **Please advise when dropping off your pet for Grooming Day if you do not desire the Signature Perfume**

Daycare and Boarding:

Whether your pet is simply having a Daycare Playdate or Boarding with us, Pet House & Pet Hotel offers a Comfortable, Clean and Safe Environment, A Home Away from Home, for your beloved pet while you are away.

Pet House & Pet Hotel offers:

* Specious Suits
* 24/7 Air Conditioning
* Games suited for your pets needs
* Walks with our experienced Pet House & Pet Hotel Team Members which offers our guests  daily individualized walks for daily exercise and relaxation.
Here at Pet House & Pet Hotel we take your pets healthy serious, we recommend that you bring enough food for your pet during their stay as some dogs have adverse reactions to sudden changes to their diet. **Your account will be charged for the purchased of your dog’s food if additional food is needed**
Requirements for Daycare and Boarding: *Your pet needs to be 1 year old or older.
*Your pet needs to have had all their vaccinations up-to-date, including Bordetella. It is crucial that you bring your pets vaccination records from a Certified Veterinary prior to your pets appointment.
*Boarding Test: For Pet House & Pet Hotel is very important that our guest feels at home. We recommend a boarding test a couple of days prior their stay. We want to observe their behavior, temperament, necessities, and overall.b We here at Pet House & Pet Hotel want your beloved pet to get to know us. We want for him/her to know that they will be Comfortable, Well taken care of in a Safe Environment while away from home.

Boarding Day:

*Check-In with our front desk coordinator.
*Your beloved pet will have a general check-up to make sure that there is no abnormalities.
*To start their Boarding Day your pet will receive a gentle bath as they will feel clean, refreshed, and ready to enjoy their stay at Pet House & Pet Hotel.
*Your beloved pet will be taken to their Suit where our staff has already put all of their belongings so that they will feel at home.
*Here at Pet House & Pet Hotel we strive to give Nothing but LOVE during their entire stay. His or Hers stay will start with daily walks and games with our experienced staff.
*Day of check-out your beloved pet will get a full groom, followed by our Pet House & Pet Hotel Signature Perfume and will greet you with a bandana or bow. **Please advise when dropping off your pet for boarding if you do not desire the Signature Perfume**

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